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The Science of Love Isn’t Just Chemistry...It’s Understanding, Communication, and Connection

Learn to navigate the complexities of love, turning challenges into opportunities for deep, meaningful connections

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Puja Puneet

Chief Life Designer, 10+ Years


India’s Highest Rated Women’s Program with 4.95 Stars by 1 Lakh+ Participants

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STARTS ON 12th May 2024 (10:00 AM TO 12:00 PM)
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Puja Puneet

Puja is an Author, TEDx Speaker & Life Coach.

I’m Puja Puneet, a seasoned life coach with over a decade of dedicated experience in one-to-one coaching. My passion lies in empowering women to break free from stagnation and isolation, leading them on a path toward a life filled with fulfillment and authenticity. As the founder of Life by Design, I’ve nurtured a supportive community where women come together to shatter societal constraints and unlock their true potential. This commitment to women’s empowerment has recognized me as a leading voice in the field.

I’m also the author of “Unlocking the Golden Cage,” a book that serves as a guide for breaking free from self-imposed limitations and embracing personal transformation. My insights have been shared on the stages of TEDx and with prestigious organizations across India, such as FICCI, YPO, EO, and more, spreading wisdom on personal growth and empowerment.

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