Do You Have the Courage to Go From a Roommate of Your Husband to a Soulmate?

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Puja Puneet

Chief Life Designer

But before I tell you more about this exclusive opportunity,

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Please read this short urgent letter what’s happening with most women lately… 👇

From the desk of PUJA PUNEET

Chief Life Designer

Dear Goddess,

Nowadays, most married woman in INDIA complain that,

Their Conversations with husbands are now limited to necessities only…

What's for dinner?

Did you pay the bills?

Have you bought all the groceries list I sent you on Whats app?

How was your day at work today?

Can you pick up the kids from school tomorrow?

And if this filtered conversation was not enough shouting in anger , misunderstanding is normal now…

Getting angry over small things - a cup left on the table, a wet towel on the bed.

You see,their anger has consequences. It affects the home and the child.

And they hate that their marriage is becoming a negative example for kids.

Friends say it's normal, that this is what marriage is like.

But the inner divine feminine energy which is still undiscovered refuses to accept that.


₹ 9999

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And here’s what I get asked often by these women.

And that’s exactly why I created this 4 week program for all the women.

So any woman, no matter what’s your current situation, within 28 days -

Hi my name is Puja Puneet

Founder, CEO of Life by Design and Divapreneur by Design,

After training over 10,000 women every year across corporates, colleges, schools and various forums such as YPO, Rotary, FICCI and so on.

I have developed some systems that after implementing in their day to day life all women can achieve their maximum potential.

And today you’re cordially invited to join this exclusive 4 week program.

Announcing GODDESS BY DESIGN a 4 week in depth program to -

While others are scared and unsure, you're going after what you want.

You're making plans for a good life, living how you choose, and turning hard times into strength and happiness.

Isn't it great to feel strong and free?

To be calm in tough times, clear about what you want, and feel good about yourself in every situation.

What exactly you’ll learn in 4 week program?

Week 1: Creating

How to discover the four goddess avatars within you

The secret to embrace your body, desires, and passion without guilt or shame.

How to make choices, not obligations, in all your roles.

Tune into your highest frequency and become a magnetic manifester.

What you must do immediately to set clear boundaries and live life on your terms.

Week 2: Healing

Get access to the most effective soothing strategies to heal yourself.

The absolute best way in 2024 to shed excess weight & build a successful income stream

Little known secrets to attract the right person into your life and learn to trust and forgive

Reframe negative thoughts and let go of emotions that hold you back

Week 3: Aligning

Master the art of aligning your daily life with your ultimate goals and dreams

Take control of your destiny by designing your future with a clear vision of who you aspire to be.

How to find balance between your different roles and live a harmonious life

Week 4: Embodying

Bring your goals and dreams into reality

Learn effective rituals and routines to manifest success

Utilize modern tools and techniques to confidently live the life of your dreams

You'll get incredible BONUSES, including:


Divapreneur Course:


Domestic Goddess:


Monday Energizers:


How to Attract Anything:


Money Manifester Videos (21 videos):


Boundaries Video:


Confidence Booster Challenge (21 videos):


Passion Test:

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Total Value: Rs. 63,992

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If you are a woman who wants to get back into balance, master your emotions, set clear boundaries and understand the knowledge required to live an empowered life.

Then this program is for you!

Meet Your Coach



I received a very promising marriage proposal; one that my parents wouldn’t dream of turning down. I suddenly found myself not with a law degree but with a husband, a house to run, and a part to play.

And I played it well. From the outside, my life looked incredible: I had the perfect husband (kind-hearted and loving, as well as wealthy), two perfect children that I absolutely adored, diamonds, nice cars, brilliant holidays—the works!

And yet, I woke up many mornings wishing I hadn’t. As strange as it seems, I felt hollow and unfulfilled.

A voice in my head was screaming “Puja, there’s something more that you can be doing with your life!” It left me feeling guilty and ungrateful because, in so many ways, my life was wonderful.

When I could no longer ignore that voice in my head, I mustered up the courage to tell my husband that I couldn’t do it anymore. The extent of his support and understanding truly moved me – he wanted me to live out my dreams.

I took a Montessori course and opened a pre-school called Alps in 2006. It was my first professional success, and a few years and hundreds of kids later, I realised that counselling parents was my favourite part of the job. My other favourite pastime was reading self-help books, and that’s when it suddenly clicked that I wanted to help people who struggle the way I had.

I flew halfway across the globe in 2010 to attend Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success, the first of many, many courses I would end up taking from the world's best teachers like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy.

In 2011, I launched Life by Design.

I woke up every day with a renewed excitement to live. I discovered that we could all live the life we desire. And ever since that realisation, there’s been no looking back. I’ve always believed that I’ve had a purpose. I fought the odds and embraced my life’s goal.