Attention all Women

Many women stick to roles like taking care of the home and family and Dont Pursue their real dreams

Overthinking is not a solution. Being depressed is not a solution. Only solution is taking a step towards achieving your dreams


3+ Hours


24th May 2024




3:00PM - 6:00PM

Puja Puneet

Chief Life Designer, 10+ Years Experience Leading Life Coach For Women

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Meet Your Coach

Puja Puneet

Life Coach, 10+ Years Experience Leading Life Coach For Women

Puja Puneet is a life coach and founder of Life by Design. She is the author of Unlocking the Golden Cage and believes every woman deserves to achieve her dreams and now on a mission to help all women beat negative beliefs, break societal barriers and unlock their limitless mindset.

She has been trained under legends like Jack Canfield, John Gray and Brian Tracy.

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Get any questions regarding career, relationships, happiness, etc answered by Puja Puneet, Live on her Instagram.

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An ebook version of UNLOCKING THE GOLDEN CAGE. It will help you to design your ultimate life!

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VISION BOARD [Video Guide]

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This Workshop Is Perfect For You To Start Achieving These Goals In Life

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Still Got Questions?

Many women have already gone through previous editions of the summit and they got a massive transformation in their lives in terms of their businesses, general finances, relationships and professional careers. We are sure, that once you go through the workshop you will get a fantastic experience.

It will be a mix of Hindi plus English language so that everybody can take advantage of the same.

The workshop is for women looking to improve their financial stability, build confidence, strengthen their relationships, grow their business, or advance in their career, this workshop has you covered.

By joining the event, you will be inspired, motivated, and ready to take action toward your dream life. Also, you’ll have a defined road to improve your health to feel confident in yourself.

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